I am so excited to share that I am adding a new addition to the SLAM program: SLAM Barre

SLAM Barre includes 18 barre workouts and is included in your regular SLAM subscription. 

Great for all levels, SLAM Barre offers a total body workout that is safe for those with diastasis recti and/or prolapse. You do not need a bar for the class and minimal equipment is needed! Each class is 20 minutes long. 

I am also extremely excited to share that talented barre instructor and pre- and postnatal corrective exercise specialist, Liz Cuttica, will join me for each of the SLAM Barre classes!

Meet Liz Cuttica

As a barre instructor and founder of Milly Grey Movement, Liz Cuttica holds over a decade of experience in the group and private fitness space. In addition to her boutique fitness training, her pregnancy journey led her to become a certified corrective exercise specialist, which she applies to every barre class she teaches.

Get to know Liz a bit more in the interview below and learn more about how barre aids in postpartum healing.

Interview with Liz, SLAM Barre Instructor

What is Barre?

Liz: “Barre is a full-body, low-impact workout focusing on breath, alignment, and posture, all while strengthening your body and mind. You will definitely be challenged, your muscles will shake, and the best part is that we will move to the beat.

You will constantly keep be keeping your muscles guessing. You will strengthen your muscles by moving them through their full range of motion, which will help make them muscles functionally strong., and You will also move in smaller ranges and spend time in holds, which is when the shaking usually kicks in.

Forget any misconceptions about needing to be coordinated or flexible to do barre. Barre is about utilizing your body’s own resistance and enhancing stability without the need for a ballet barre or intricate dance moves.”


How does Barre Help with Postpartum Healing?

Liz: “Barre is incredible for postpartum healing because it incorporates all of the foundational work needed to strengthen the body and restore the body’s posture. 

Barre includes 360 breathing and is extremely core and pelvic floor-focused. Every single exercise, from bicep curls to reverse planks to wide second position to lateral lunges, all incorporate how to align your body for optimal positioning for your core and pelvic floor, and how to actively use your core during every single exercise.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I move my body to the beat of a fun, energetic song, it immediately puts me in a good mood. Combine that feeling with knowing you’re moving your body in a way to get functionally stronger – ; that might be one of the best feelings.

Barre will help with both the mind and body in postpartum healing.”


How Will SLAM Barre be Tailored to Pregnant and Postpartum Women?

Liz: “SLAM Barre accommodates pregnant and postpartum women for many reasons. As I already mentioned, every workout, every exercise is cued on how to align your body for optimal core and pelvic floor function. 

For any pregnant woman who can’t be on their back, I offer modifications. There are structural changes that occur in the body during pregnancy that can  stick around postpartum – unless there are specific exercises are implemented done to address the issues. 

Some of these adaptations are overly lengthened abdominal muscles and, overly lengthened  hamstrings, tight hips and pelvic floor, excessive low back curve, and weak glutes (pancake butt), etc. 

The SLAM Barre program helps with those issues through corrective exercises sprinkled in with plies and pulses.”


What Level of Fitness do I Have to be to Take a Barre Class? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, etc.)

Liz: “Any and all levels are welcome and will be set up to succeed and feel accomplished in all of the classes. 

I programmed each class for the woman who just started working out for the first time, to the woman who has been doing SLAM religiously for the last 4 years.”


What is a Typical SLAM Barre Class Like?

Liz: “Think upbeat music, pliés with overhead presses with lighter weights, pulsing, holding, shaking, and feeling like a badass when the 20 minute class is done. 

I programmed all of the classes to be full body with a heavy focus on the core and pelvic floor. I want moms to be able to pick any class and feel like they got every muscle worked in the most efficient yet safe way. 

There will be times every obscene word will be flooding your head when you think you can’t hold an exercise any longer (speaking from experience!), but it will go by quickly and you will feel so much better than before you started. That’s a guarantee.

SLAM Barre is a great complement to the SLAM strength programs. While heavy lifting focuses on building raw strength and muscle mass, barre is the perfect complement by narrowing in on muscular endurance, accessory muscle strength, mobility, and corrective exercises.

Incorporating SLAM Barre into your fitness routine diversifies your training, increases the effectiveness of heavy lifting, and ensures a well-functioning core, and pelvic floor, and more.”

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