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  • 25 Great Gifts For Fit Moms In 2023

    gifts for fit moms

    Need some gift ideas for the fit mom in your life? I’ve compiled some of my favorites for 2023. Best Gifts For Fit Moms At-home exercise equipment, workout clothes, rest day must-haves, stocking stuffers and more. Check it out! 1. Feelgrounds Shoes The highrise knit and original knit are my favorite shoes for lifting! They […]

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  • Stretching versus foam rolling….

    Stretching versus foam rolling. Which is best to relieve soreness and help with mobility? You may have noticed that I don’t include stretching before SLAM workouts. This is intentional. Studies have actually found that stretching prior to a workout generates less muscle force. Instead, I take you through a dynamic warm up that preps the […]

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  • 7 Best Mom Tank Tops Under $20

    mom tank tops

    Searching for the perfect activewear for your postpartum workouts? I got you.  All these tops are comfy, affordable, and most importantly–a little flowy. If you know, you know.  An outfit that you feel confident in is literally the best workout motivation.  The best part, all of these workout tops are under $20!   1. LASLULU […]

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  • Why Do I Pee When I Run? Can I Fix It?

    why do i pee when i run?

    It’s a beautiful day, so you head out for a post-baby jog, and it happens. You pee your pants! What’s causing incontinence when you run, and how can you fix it? Loss of bladder control, or stress urinary incontinence, is prevalent among postnatal runners. In fact, about one in three women experience varying degrees of […]

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  • Best Mom Bod Workout Pants 2019

    Okay, okay, okay.  Let’s talk ACTIVEWEAR. If you are a mom, there is a 99 percent chance you live and die for high-waisted yoga pants.  Am I right? One of my favorite memes says, “Yeah–I had a tummy tuck this morning. Tucked it right into my high-waisted leggings.” You betcha! As a mama with diastasis […]