Heel drops/marches are a must-do when starting back to exercise after having a baby. Obviously check with your doctor, and wait for your clearance before doing any exercise. When you feel ready, this simple move is a great way to reconnect with your core and strengthen your inner most abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominis. I still do these and I’m many years postpartum now!

How to perform heel drops or heel marches:
Alignment matters with this movement. Lay on your back with your feet on the ground, knees bent. Your back should be flush with the ground. Check your ribs. Are they flaring out? If so, focus on drawing your ribs down.

Next point of focus is your breath. Inhale, and feel your ribs expand with air. Audibly exhale, drawing your core tight and pelvic floor up. With control lift your leg and return it to the ground.

The next option, which is slightly more advanced, is the heel drop. Start on your back with your legs bent. Inhale to fill ribs with air. Exhale as you slowly drop your heel to the ground.

And finally, adding the band overhead is GREAT for those of us who have rib boob (stick your ribs out and arch low back). Pulling the band from above will prompt further core engagement and most likely correct any back arching.

Share with your mom friends. This one is a must!