This exercise gets a lot of credit for its benefits working the upper back and shoulder, but let’s not forget how effective it is at working the transverse abdominis–those inner most “corset-like” abs.

A few things to remember on this exercise.

  1. You can adjust the resistance with the band you chose and/or where you hold the band.  Hands closer=more tension.  Hands further out=less tension.
  2. Keep your ribs down and upper abdominals engaged.  No flaring out the ribs and arching low back.
  3. Inhale and fill belly with air while the band is relaxed.  Exhale and pull the band apart, holding tension for a couple seconds before releasing.  You should exhale on each pull.
  4. You want your shoulders back and down.
  5. Keep elbows locked and hands facing down.
  6. Slow and steady on this!

The benefits of this move include:

  1. Increased shoulder mobility.
  2. Perfect warm up or finisher.  You can even use between sets for more blood flow!
  3. Can be done anywhere.  All you need is a band!
  4. Great at working the rear delt/upper back.
  5. Improves posture.
  6. Great core activator.
  7. Perfect exercise at helping you grasp the idea of exhaling and core bracing with exertion.

Here is the band I used.  These are great because you can also use them to assist you in pull-up, dips, and various mobility drills.