The dead bug is the queen of postpartum core exercises in my book.

Want to know my favorite core exercise of all time? The exercise I’d choose if I were on a deserted island and could only do one or I’d otherwise be decapitated by wild pack of wilder beasts?? Daaaa deadbug!

I’m giving you 5 awesome variations to meet you wherever you are in your core strength and #fitness journey. An anti-extension exercise–meaning you keep your spine stable–this exercise is wonderful at helping increase core strength, improve posture and get your low-back arching asses in check!!

Try one of these five variations! My favorite is the ball squeeze one! It forces me to keep my ribs down and back flat.

Tips to keep in mind!!

  • Low back pressed flat against the floor at all times.
  • If you arch low back or you see a ridge or doming popping out of stomach, chose an easier version. This means you aren’t ready! No worries–you’ll get there.
  • Move slowly! Controlled is where it is at!
  • Focus on your breath. Core stays tight throughout, but added exhale as you extend and retract leg/arm.
  • Regroup when you need to. Don’t get sloppy to push through. This sucker is about quality reps.


Enjoy.  And let me know what you think!