TIGHT JAW? I’m going to give you a quick fix and explain why minding your jaw matters.

First let’s talk about how tightness in the jaw can correlate with tightness in the pelvic floor.

The origin of the jaw and pelvic connection starts at the embryological phase. At about day 15 in a phase called gastrulation there are two depressions that form on an embryo. One becomes the oropharyngeal membrane that eventually forms the mouth and the other is the cloacal membrane that eventually forms the openings of the urinary, reproductive and digestive tracts. They remain connected even as the spine develops and grows creating a greater space between them. Cool, right?

And, the jaw and the pelvis share a fascia connection. Fascia is the connective tissue that supports and connects every cell, muscle fiber, nerve, blood vessel, and organ. It provides support and mobility for our entire body.

Not to mention–if we are stressed the heck out, we are more likely to grip and hold tension in our body. Our jaw and pelvis are major “holders” of these emotions.

What happens when you consistently grip and hold your pelvic floor tight? Often, leaks! If you leak during exercise, sneezes, or coughing…you may have a tight pelvic floor. More on this another time.

Try this quick release. Breathe through it. See if you can let go of some facial tension and in turn…some tension in that pelvic floor, too.

Stress levels are so high right now with everything going on in the world. Take a couple minutes at bedtime tonight to try this.

Each programmed rest day in the Strong Like a Mother (SLAM) program, you get access to Rest Day Tips like this! I believe in a whole-woman approach to healing. SLAM is more than *just* exercises. Yes, you get total body strength and conditioning designed to heal your core and pelvic floor, but you also get tips on how to move throughout your day and care for your body.