There is zero point in me recreating the wheel.  Take a few minutes to read through Bret Contreras’ article on proper hip thrust mechanics.  He will tell you everything you could want to know.  After all, he is the “Glute Guy”!

I do want to drive home a few points.  For starters, begin with and perfect the back-elevated glute bridge before you transition into a weighted hip thrust.  Having proper mechanics and a firm grasp of this movement is beneficial in protecting your spine and helping you get maximal effect from this movement.

Things you want to keep in mind:

  1. Toes pointed straight or slightly out
  2. Shoulder on edge of bench
  3. Inhale to fill belly with air…exhale and brace core.
  4. Drive through heels
  5. Squeeze glutes at the top
  6. Neck neutral or ever so slightly tuck chin in

What to avoid:

  1. Don’t set up too far back on the bench or you won’t have proper range of motion.
  2. Don’t turn toes in
  3. Don’t forget to brace
  4. Don’t let your chest rise and arch low back.  Torso should remain rigid.
  5. Don’t jerk the bar–the movement should be smooth. (As smooth as your pick up lines after humping the air at the gym).
  6. Don’t go up on toes when in the top position.
  7. Don’t let your neck fall back.


Next week we will be going over a weighted and/or banded hip thrust and how to set up and execute this.