Spaghetti squash in five minutes with the Insta Pot! Fo’ Reals.

I straight up prefer spaghetti squash to traditional noodles. No joke. It is slightly sweet, and has the texture of an aldente pasta.  It soaks up whatever flavor you ask of it, and is endlessly versatile.  The ONLY downside to spaghetti squash is that it takes foresight.   Most nights I’m scrambling to get dinner on the table, and rush kids to and fro.  I don’t have upwards of 45 minutes to cook it in the oven.

(Cue superhero music)–Instant Pot to the rescue!!!  If you don’t have one–it really is a must-have for the unorganized and inefficient mom (like me!). Here’s a link to buy!


Of all the fun recipes and finds I’ve discovered for my Instant Pot over the last couple months, the spaghetti squash is the best-est.  Freaking 5 minutes.  Whaaaat?!  YES.  Five minutes for that perfect sauce-ready squash.

Here is the step-by-step instructions on how to cook the PERFECT spaghetti squash in your Instant Pot!  Video demo below!


  1. Cut the ends off the squash
  2. Cut lengthwise
  3. Scoop out seeds and orange colored stringy stuff
  4. Place 1 cup water into Instapot (Put steamer rack inside pot, too)
  5. Place squash skin side down in pot
  6. Close Lid and Hit “Manual” and use arrows to get to “5”.  It will beep three time to let you know it is starting.
  7. Be sure venting valve is set to “sealing” NOT “venting”
  8. Immediately after it beeps and cooking is complete, hit off button (it will default to warm setting).
  9. Move valve to “venting” to let out steam
  10. Take out squash and use a fork to make it into noodles
  11. Add sauce of choice or just butter