I love this kettlebell swing drill.  It is the best cue to get people to initiate and drive the movement with their hips and glutes.  Many people default to excessive arm usage in the kettlebell swing.  The real powerhouse comes with utilizing that hip hinge with glute activation at the top.  Our posterior chain is a serious workhorse…so use it.

How to do the banded kettlebell swing:

  1. Place resistance band around hips.
  2. Take a few steps out to make the band taught.  Think “ski jump” position.
  3. Set the kettlebell into the “hike” position, by hinging at the hips.
  4. Drive hips forward with power as you swing the bell forward, exhaling on exertion.
  5. Squeeze glutes at the top.

I love this drill for mamas trying to reconnect with their pelvic floor, too. That ski jump, front-leaning position can be an excellent position in which to activate and lift the pelvic floor.  This can be done without the kettlebell to simply practice hinging and driving with glutes while using your breath and core for stability.