Proper form on the walking lunge is imperative to prevent injuring your knee or low back.  Here are a few common mistakes and ways to correct this exercise.

Mistake #1: Step too wide

This can place strain on the low back, put too much of a stretch in your hip flexor, and will likely throw you out of neutral spine.  And, your base of support is compromised for when you add weight on your back or dumbbells to your sides.

Fix: Keep torso centered with neutral step.


Mistake #2: Step too narrow

A narrow step on the walking lunge is common when you are rushing the movement.  This puts unnecessary strain on your front knee, and again, it compromises your base for when you add weight.

Fix: Keep torso centered with neutral step.


Mistake #3: Heel comes up

Lifting that front “driving” heel off the ground reduces your power and takes the exercise out of your glutes, placing strain on the quads and knee.


Fix: Keep that front heel on the ground and drive through it to stand.  You should feel power from the quad and glute of the front leg.


Mistake # 4: Loose core

You’ll see a rounded back, or even someone using their hands to push off the knee.

Fix: Keep chest up.  Look forward instead of down.


Mistake#5: Front knee caving in or out

Ideal knee position is inline with that front toe.  Too far in or too far out will cause strain.

Fix: Keep knee lined up. Slow down movement to ensure solid knee positioning.