This is absolutely my go-to breakfast. I eat it every day, particularly on mornings where I am going to workout. You can also make a super similar overnight oats variation on this. They taste good. It is the perfect blend of carbs (quick energy) and protein (muscle building) to prepare my body for a workout. And, what I love most, these are so versatile. Literally–anything goes. I love to add peanut butter and banana. Or berries. Sometimes I top with this super yum granola.


The key when adding protein powder is to have one that blends easily.  Nothing worse than clumpy protein in your oats. I suggest one below that blends quite easily. It is whey based though. I have struggled to find an easy-to-blend vegan option. Please comment below if you know of one!



1/2 cup oats

1 cup water

1/2 cup unsweetened Greek yogurt

1 scoop protein powder *

Optional add-ins:

Chia seeds

Hemp Seeds


Peanut butter

*This is the protein powder I like best. Use code ashley22 for free shipping in the US.


In small saucepan cook oats in water. Follow package instructions (typically takes 3-5 minutes). Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Add in Greek yogurt, protein, and toppings of choice. Get creative.


This simple dish has upwards of 40 grams of protein, and the perfect carb boost to get your body going!