How to do it!

1️⃣Grab a resistance band loop and place it around the tops of your feet, ankles (as is pictured on this video) or just below knees.  You choose.  The more distal the band, the more glute activation and the greater the challenge.  So, below knees is the easiest version, and over feet is the most challenging. Choose the band tension that works for you.  You can even use two bands–one below the knees and one around the ankles. Don’t you love how exercises can ALWAYS be modified?!

2️⃣Be sure that your toes are pointing forward…not out to the side.  Add a slight bend in the knees and hinge at the hips, staying in this partial squat position.

3️⃣Placing a hand on your core and chest can be a great way to get feedback from your body.  Is your core engaged? Are you keeping your spine happy in that neutral position?

4️⃣Keep your pelvis and torso TOTALLY level and stationary.  It is very common to compensate in this exercise by leaning to the side.

5️⃣Keep your knees in line with your toes.  Don’t allow the knees to collapse in and also don’t push out past your knees.

6️⃣Exhale as you take a step to the side.

7️⃣Maintain tension on the band at all times.

The benefits?  Fantastic glute medius activation (da’ butt), and transverse abdominis engagement (inner most abdominals).


Go until you feel the burn, and then switch directions. Repeat!