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Best Mom Bod Workout Pants 2019

Okay, okay, okay.  Let’s talk ACTIVEWEAR. If you are a mom, there is a 99 percent chance you live and die for high-waisted yoga pants.  Am I right? One of my favorite memes says, “Yeah–I had a tummy tuck this morning. Tucked it right into my high-waisted leggings.” You betcha!

As a mama with diastasis recti, loads of twin skin, and some c-section pooching, I LOVE me some high-waisted pants, and believe me, I’ve tried them ALL.

Here are my top five favorite exercise pants to date.  I list the pros and cons of each, and give you a variety of price points so you can find the tummy-tuck-it-all-in pants of your dreams.

I’m showing you all the options in black, but all these pants have a multitude of patterns.  So branch out.  Have fun!

Lowest Price: Compression

CodeFit Yoga Power Flex Dry-Fit Compression Pants Workout Leggings 


Pros: They hold it all in, and don’t flatten out your butt.  And at only $25, it is hard to beat it!

Con: They are compression, so you know, it can feel a bit tight.  I ordered a size up.



Lowest Price: Comfort
Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Lightweight Leggings


Pros: You are basically naked, but no one can see your private parts! These are seriously like how you’d imagine butter to feel if butter were a clothing item. These remind me a lot of the Lululemon Align pants, but they are under $20. Crazy!

Con: Not a whole lot of compression, because you know, butter doesn’t keep it in as tight.



Takara High Waisted Leggings

$105 (or $84 if you use my discount code)


A wee bit pricey, but I promise, they are worth every penny spent. Use code ASHLEYNOW20 to save 20 percent.

Pro: I thought I’d have to sacrifice comfort to be all kinds of sexy in these. WRONG. These are the most comfortable leggings I own, they are dead sexy, a little edgy, and they have a waistband made from unicorns. Swear it. The band gives the exact right amount of hold without it smashing your organs. I LOVE THESE so hard!

Con: They are a bit on the pricey side, so use code ASHLEYNOW20 and save a bit!


Most Durable

Nike Power Studio 

or Nike Legendary (but these are hard to find now!)


Pro: So durable. These are my go to, everyday leggings.  They don’t pile like many other fancy and expensive pants. And I love the “v” seam on the butt.  Accentuates what it needs to accentuate. You feel me? In fact when I got hooked on these, my best friend was all like, “Your butt usually looks good, but um, it looks insane in those pants.” And so I bought them all.

Con: Nike quit making the Legendary pants. Please NIKE…pulllease start making them again. They can be hard to find. The Power Studio is like Legendary’s sister. Same V seem and durability, just not as many design options.


Most Versatile

Sentita High Waisted Capri


These are quickly becoming my go-to pants.

Pro: Middle of the road pricing, but great quality. I love all their high waisted stuff, especially their shorts and crop pants (I’m a shorty). They have tons of fun patterns, also!

Con: I can’t think of a con here…because they are just fantastic, especially for the price point. And they are woman-owned, AZ company. So…I’m kinda biased there.


Updated. Okay…I had to add a number 6, because these are too amazing.

Best for Pregnancy and Postpartum

I have to include a No. 6 because I just got a sample of these and they are so amazing.

Love and Fit Apparel: Guardian Legging

Pro: This is a new company owned by moms with clothes made FOR moms.  They lived it.  Great nursing bras and the pants they sent me are amaze-balls.  The material is so comfortable, but what really sets this product apart is the silicone waistband.  It provides the perfect amount of support and doesn’t roll down (can I get a hallelujah?!) And, you can wear these while pregnant by rolling down the waistband and postpartum…just roll it up for support.

Con: They are a little bit pricey ($68) but hey, they are designed to get you through pregnancy and well into postpartum! The quality is great, so it makes the price feel justified.


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