Best lunch ever! It is so quick and easy. It has dem carbs. It has dat protein. It has some veggies.

Here is how we make crunch magic. You can totally customize this. I’m throwing out some suggestions, but make it how you like it.


Tortilla (I like Trader Joe’s Quinoa Tortillas, but anything goes)

Cheese (I use mozzarella)

Protein (beans, tuna, or lunch meat…you pick)

Salad Kit (buffalo ranch is mind-blowing)

Cooking Spray (avocado oil is my favorite)



1: Generously spray pan with cooking spray. Let it get warm.

2: Place tortilla in pan, and sprinkle completely with cheese.

3: Add in protein of choice on one side

4: Cook until tortilla is niiiiice and crispy.

5: Transfer to plate. Add salad mix and dressing if desired. Fold it up.

6: Eat that magic crunch wrap like it’s your business.


So versatile. So stinking good!


Here is a super poorly-filmed video of me making the magic.


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