Didn’t your mama ever tell you? Eat dessert every day, and it will keep the doctor away.

There is actually some science to this, so keep reading (as if you needed convincing).

Why Do Most Diets Fail?

Deprivation leads to binges. Your body is super smart. If you go on a strict diet and deprive yourself, that’s when cravings take hold. Your body thinks it is in a famine, and it actually seeks out “quick energy” (yes, like that chocolate cake eyeing you from the countertop).

One study from the University of Toronto found that taking chocolate out of the participant’s diets led to extreme cravings in just one week. No duh!

Another study from Israel found that the participants who ate desserts regularly lost a similar amount of weight to the group who deprived. But, the real catch? The deprivation group gained back much of the weight, while the dessert group went on to lose another 15 pounds.

Enjoying dessert helps you get ahead of your cravings.

When you enjoy some dessert, it is no longer the “forbidden food.” You take away the pedestal upon which it sits, and you realize, “Hey, this is just food, too.” Giving yourself a little bit of what you love regularly allows you to stay in control and ahead of the craving.

Sugar Cravings At Night?

A lot of moms find sugar cravings hit the hardest at night. This is because they are under-nourishing during the day.

The key to balance is focusing on nourishing yourself consistently throughout the day. I mean that literally (eating nourishing foods) and more figuratively (doing things that fill your bucket).

SLAM Nutrition teaches the “crowding out” philosophy. In short, fill up on fruits, veggies, protein, healthy fats and whole grains. This helps you come to the dessert table in control. When you are starving…that’s when the binges happen. So fuel up and drink that water…AND…eat your dessert.

Try these five healthy desserts to keep you fueled.

First off—there is nothing wrong with having some good old fashioned Oreos or whatever you love. But if you are looking for some easy homemade treats with whole food ingredients…I got you there, too.

SLAM Nutrition is included for free with your subscription. Ready to ditch the diet and fuel with love?