Individual Coaching

Individualized coaching allows me the opportunity to assess your personal needs and create a unique training and nutrition plan to meet your body EXACTLY where it is in its postpartum recovery.

How It works?
You will complete the Health History form, which will help me begin assessing your personal needs.  After this is complete, we schedule a virtual session to go over the questionnaire and talk about concerns, issues, and any needs you’d like to address.  The initial meeting typically lasts an hour.  This orientation session is $50 but is waived if we work together.
The next step is to choose a bi-monthly time and get it firmly on the schedule.  This helps you stay consistent and carve out that time for yourself.  Our bi-monthly virtual sessions are where we go over your training.  I demonstrate and coach you through your programme moves, ensure proper form and core engagement, while assessing which progressions or regressions you might need for safe and effective workouts.  After this coaching session, you receive a detailed training plan that you will cycle through twice before we meet again.
My nutrition coaching is centered around making small, sustainable changes that add up to big changes long-term.  I am a firm believer that dieting and calorie counting doesn’t work and will only make you miserable! Each session you are given a couple of nutrition goals on which to focus. The goals are achievable and based on your individual habits and concerns. I’m there to keep you accountable throughout.  If your goal is weight loss, let’s do it healthfully and mindfully, nurturing your relationship with food…not destroying it.
I offer two packages.
Fitness coaching is $175/month and fitness and nutrition coaching combined is $225/month.
If you are interested in scheduling a time to meet, please email me: [email protected].
I look forward to helping you with your journey.