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  • 5 Tips for Making Healthy Foods…Yummier! (And food blogs I LOVE)

    Healthy food doesn’t need to taste like ass! We tend to use the terms “diet” and “healthy eating” interchangeably. No!!! A diet is where you restrict. You punish. You SUBMIT. Healthy eating, on the other hand, is about choosing foods that most optimally nourish your body and soul. You are the EMPOWERED. You hold the […]

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  • 10 Values I Hope to Teach My Sons So They Won’t Be At the Hands of a #MeToo Story

    In light our current times and all the brave women speaking up and out, sharing their #metoo stories, there is a lot of focus in parenting circles on the importance of raising a girl to understand her power, inner strength, and to help her develop strong, healthy boundaries. Rightfully so.  We want the cycle to […]

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  • The Shake-Up: Dr. Kelly

      Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux wears many hats–both literally and figuratively.  She balances a dental practice, the challenges of raising four kids, and in her spare time (laugh), she is helping inspire and educate women in the postpartum fitness arena. Her smile is perfect–duh, her cool hats are her hallmark, and her messaging to her followers is one of both self-acceptance with a […]

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  • 1 Trick To Finally Lose Weight (and Keep It Off)

    Here it is…the No. 1 secret to weight loss success.  Are you ready? Tell the diet industry to go fuck themselves.  Seriously, tell them to take their plans, their shakes, their supplements, their powders, their challenges, and their unsustainable quick-fix programs, and stick them up their rich butts.  There you have it.  That’s the secret to a healthier, more […]

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  • You don’t have to piss your pants when you sneeze (and other fun facts about your vagina after having babies)

    It’s the mom sneeze.  You feel that tingle in your nose, so you say three Hail Marys, squeeze…squeeze…squeeze, and clinch those thighs in the hopes that you don’t wet your pants. And you know damn well that the look upon your face gives away just which way the chips fell. I’m here to tell you […]